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A photograph has taken the internet by storm.

At first glance, it seems to be an unusual egg clinging to the ceiling of a room. This bizarre sight immediately sparked fear and curiosity, especially since the woman who shared the images was desperately seeking help.

Internet users who stumbled upon the photograph of this peculiar ceiling egg were left with chills. The image of the egg oozing from the room’s ceiling ignited a whirlwind of emotions and intense discussions.

“Does anyone have any idea what this is?” The strange egg had appeared on the ceiling of a room.

“This is in the closet of a friend’s son,” the woman explained. “They’re not sure if it’s been there all along and they just noticed it now, or if it’s something that appeared recently. They’ve lived there for quite some time.”

“Does anyone know what it could be? And what should she do?” the post continued. According to, Amy had shared her plea on a popular Facebook page for Australians, hoping someone could solve the mystery.

The tweet ignited a storm of responses, yet no one could identify the mysterious object hanging from the ceiling. Many speculated it was a cluster of spider eggs, foreseeing a potential infestation at any moment.

One user quipped, “If we were billions of years ago, I’d have said it was a dinosaur egg.”

Another remarked, “My husband works with pests and thinks it’s a spider egg sac. You can vacuum it up and then douse the area with insecticide. If it is a spider’s nest, there could be thousands in there.”

A different user offered a more dramatic suggestion: “Wear a protective suit, use insect spray, and be ready to torch it. Stab it and see what happens—at least you’ll be prepared.”

So, what exactly was this strange egg suspended from the ceiling?

When the truth came out, everyone was stunned. Amy’s father-in-law, summoning his courage, stepped in to solve the mystery.

Few could have predicted that the eerie egg was merely expanding foam that had seeped through from the house’s roof into the ceiling.

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