Cloud Native Security

Are you facing challenges in securing your cloud-native applications and microservices? You’re not alone. As more organizations shift to cloud-native architectures, new security challenges arise. In this article, we’ll discuss the top cloud-native security challenges and explore strategies to tackle them head-on. Understanding Cloud Native Security Challenges Cloud-native security challenges can be categorized into three … Read more

Cloud Native Security Challenges

Present day, cloud-based, dispersed organizations might miss the mark on characterized edge to safeguard, however they actually need network security. What’s more, essentially all associations know that: 98% of those overviewed in an April report by Tigera said they need network security to protect their cloud native applications. Sadly, it is challenging to give auditable … Read more

Cloud-Native security easy manage

The shift of business applications and on-premises framework to the cloud-native security has brought about cloud security groups expecting to deal with the digital protection takes a chance across the jobs, cloud administrations, assets, clients, and applications. Today, security groups should manage a bunch of siloed abbreviation driven point arrangements, giving a divided perspective on … Read more

Protect Cloud-Native APIs

Cloud-Native APIs are presently central to how current applications are fabricated: Using microservices and compartments and running on stages like Kubernetes. They’re the standard system to incorporate inner parts or open usefulness to accomplices. APIs have likewise ascended in universality close by microservices design, giving a typical approach to steadily create, scale and reuse specific … Read more

Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

Operating without a cloud native security strategy may lead to cybersecurity gaps that didn’t previously exist. Does the world need another abbreviation? Likely not. However, it appears as though one is conceived consistently in the cybersecurity market. As a tradeoff for the intellectual prowess to review their enigmatic implications, we ought to basically expect progress … Read more

Top cloud security 2022

Cloud security: Need to shore up cloud application security, consolidate tools and mitigate cybersecurity skills shortages. Being once again at RSA Conference in San Francisco this month was perfect. For some, it was the main in-person gathering since RSA 2020. Participation was lower at 26,000 contrasted with 36,000 out of 2020, for certain sellers and … Read more

Cloud-native is the future of security solutions

Cloud-Native, over 10 years prior, turned into the following “hot thing” in figuring. Today, we are seeing the finish of this pattern as associations have a whole age of representatives and staff that, beyond their own work PC, have never truly contacted a server or swung by a data place. Cloud-Native future The commitment of … Read more

Cloud native against cybersecurity threats

Cloud native – The KubeCon and CloudNativeCon occasions just enveloped with Europe, and one thing has become clear: the open doors are dominating associations’ capacity to use its likely benefits. Keith Townsend, who went to the gathering, saw in a tweet that “ability and training is the main test. I presently don’t see a serviceable … Read more

DevSecOps to be top priority

DevSecOps culture and interaction are basic to keeping up with the speed of cloud-native programming improvement for associations, particularly when code organizations could occur all the time. The capacity to right away make, populate and scale cloud applications and foundation, frequently computerized through code, permits gigantic readiness and extraordinary speed. However, moving this rapidly implies … Read more

1 strategies for cloud-native attacks

New examination from Aqua Security uncovers assailants are utilizing more refined methods to target cloud-native conditions. Through its threat research group, Nautilus, Aqua Security has distributed research showing that enemies are embracing better approaches to do assaults, using various assault parts and zeroing in their endeavors on Kubernetes and the product store network. Water Security … Read more