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Cloud-Native security easy manage

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The shift of business applications and on-premises framework to the cloud-native security has brought about cloud security groups expecting to deal with the digital protection takes a chance across the jobs, cloud administrations, assets, clients, and applications.

Today, security groups should manage a bunch of siloed abbreviation driven point arrangements, giving a divided perspective on the gamble with no specific situation and no remediation, leaving cloud applications helpless against assaults and expanding security costs and intricacies. Endeavor clients are progressively letting us know that they need a bound together and cloud-native security way to deal with security across the cloud application lifecycle, assisting them with ceaselessly evaluating, focus on, and diminish risk across a multi-cloud climate.

Today we are eager to declare – Qualys TotalCloud arrangement with FlexScan that assists our clients with broadening the confided in power and exactness of Qualys VMDR, expanded with adaptable specialist based and specialist less cloud-native evaluation to improve on the administration of cloud-native security. Qualys TotalCloud brings both Cloud Stance The executives and Cloud Responsibility Security into a bound together view for focusing on and diminishing your cloud security risk.

What Is TotalCloud?

Qualys TotalCloud is a cloud-native security arrangement that gives the accompanying advantages:

Offers most extreme security inclusion of your foundation through specialist and various agentless appraisal choices
Gives profoundly exact and dependable recognition of weaknesses and misconfigurations
Solidifies responsibility and cloud act into a solitary gamble based measurement and gives explicit bits of knowledge to decrease the gamble
Lessens risk via mechanizing the remediation of your most noteworthy gamble resources
Gives proactive security by checking to security issues before sending
Check and Quickly Evaluate Your Stance Utilizing Qualys FlexScan Controlled by VMDR

Qualys has been checking jobs for weaknesses for 20+ years for both on-prem and cloud resources. Qualys is presently performing 30+ million appraisals for jobs in broad daylight clouds. Qualys FlexScan is the new zero-contact, cloud-native security approach to performing specialist and agentless security appraisals. Zero-contact implies there is no requirement for complex designs like IP ranges, districts, connectors, and so on, or a need to set a timetable to empower filtering.

FlexScan naturally utilizes the cloud APIs and the meta-data to decide the proper design boundaries and starts checking as soon it finds another responsibility. All you really want to do as a client is check a crate showing which FlexScan strategy you need to utilize. Many checking apparatuses in the market need location precision, bringing about numerous bogus up-sides. By utilizing Qualys’ 6-sigma (Show 99.99966%) exactness filtering capacities in VMDR, FlexScan emphatically decreases misleading up-sides so you can zero in on the weaknesses that matter.

FlexScan offers four cloud-native examining choices:

Programming interface based Sweep – FlexScan utilizes Cloud Specialist organization (CSP)- gave APIs to gather working framework (operating system) bundle stock from the jobs for weakness investigation. Programming interface based examining isn’t appropriate for all situations since it can’t recognize a specific class of weaknesses, as in Open Source Programming (OSS), due to the restricted data it can assemble.

Programming interface based evaluation is fast and the most ideal for brief responsibilities and the underlying appraisal of new jobs.

Depiction based Output – FlexScan catches pictures of jobs, i.e., previews, from a cloud-native security benefits supplier’s (CSP) runtime block capacity and afterward examines them. Depiction examining is basically a circuitous technique for checking cloud responsibilities by seeing this block stockpiling rather than straightforwardly checking out at them with specialists. The preview strategy is costly in view of capacity and scanner costs and is suggested when other appraisal techniques are unrealistic.

Preview based ought to basically be utilized to survey suspended jobs and for outsider pictures sent in the cloud-native security where a specialist can’t be introduced.

Specialist based Output – FlexScan utilizes the specialist implanted in the responsibility to gather working framework, introduced programming, and other responsibility explicit metadata data for weakness examination. In the event that FlexScan doesn’t recognize the Qualys Cloud Specialist on a recently made responsibility, it consequently introduces the specialist. Since specialists can gather substantially more meta-data and responsibility climate data than other sweep techniques, this strategy gives the most thorough weakness inclusion. The expenses of specialist based are irrelevant in light of the fact that the specialist is implanted in the responsibility and utilizations negligible assets.

Specialists are the most adaptable checking strategy since they succeed at location errands and can likewise do it consistently. One more critical advantage of the specialist based approach is that it can perform twofold obligation, as prompt remediation activities like fixing weaknesses and fixing responsibility misconfigurations to safeguard against takes advantage of.

Network-based Sweep – FlexScan can utilize network scanner machines to survey responsibilities over the organization. At the point when another responsibility is made, FlexScan will consequently start up the organization scanner in the fitting organization to direct the sweep of the responsibility. Network scanners give comparative evaluation capacities as a specialist. Notwithstanding, dissimilar to specialists, they can’t do any remediation activities.

Organizations ought to be utilized to survey responsibilities confronting the web and for jobs on which specialists can’t be introduced. Just organization scanners can recognize weaknesses connected with network conventions. They can give you an outside-in view that different scanners can’t.

There is no single best technique for checking jobs. With every choice, you should tradeoff cost, inclusion, and simplicity of organization. With Qualys FlexScan, you can pick the checking technique or a mix of strategies that is the most ideal for your current circumstance. FlexScan will merge weakness results from every one of the strategies for a responsibility. For instance, for your web confronting jobs, you can run both organization based sweeps and specialist based outputs to get a more far reaching evaluation of weaknesses – outside in and back to front. To dive deeper into FlexScan, allude to this blog.

As your foundation and applications impression develops, so do your security discoveries. It is normal for a medium-sized undertaking to have great many high-criticality weaknesses and many misconfigurations across all resource types. It tends to be overpowering to sort out what to fix first. This is where TotalCloud can help you.

Brought together TruRisk – Combined Hazard From Weaknesses and Misconfiguration

Today, the dangers from weaknesses and misconfiguration are siloed from one another. TotalCloud is breaking those storehouses by bringing the TruRisk scoring framework to cloud assets. Like VMDR TruRisk scoring, TruRisk for cloud assets depends on the criticality of the misconfiguration, resource criticality score, and resource meta-data, for example, whether the resource is web confronting, has unsafe authorizations, is associated with other high-risk resources, and so on.

TotalCloud Bound together Cloud Dashboard gives a solitary gamble metric – TruRisk – that records for the gamble caused from weaknesses and misconfigurations. Moreover, the dashboard gives a method for survey the TruRisk for a particular application, cloud-native security or Qualys labels, or gathering of the cloud accounts. Besides, the dashboard features explicit remediation activities that would prompt lower risk.

Outer Assault Surface – Responsibilities and Cloud Assets

TotalCloud Outer Assault Surface dashboard shows you the most noteworthy gamble components in your current circumstance. You can see every one of the responsibilities with basic, exploitable weaknesses, misconfigured cloud-native security resources, similar to public S3 containing mysteries, and unmanaged resources provided details regarding Shodan. It likewise gives you explicit experiences, alongside remediation activities, to assist with diminishing gamble.

Cloud Native Security Stance

Consistence with different enterprises’ commands is fundamental for the majority managed organizations. TotalCloud Consistence Stance dashboard generally gives a state-of-the-art perspective on your consistence pose for any of the 20+ business commands. It additionally features basic misconfigurations, similar to MFA not being empowered, that have been utilized for takes advantage of.

TotalCloud dashboard amalgamates every one of the basic data collected from the Qualys stage and presents it in a solitary spot. With the TotalCloud dashboard, you can envision your association’s multi-cloud security stance and gain moment experiences into cloud-native security framework and responsibility openings.

Decrease Your Gamble Utilizing Incorporated Remediation and Qualys Stream Computerization
Most security sellers perform security appraisals and afterward stop. The remediation of the security discoveries is surrendered to the security groups. TotalCloud arrangement offers out-of-box a single tick remediation for weaknesses and misconfigurations. In the event that these out-of-box remediations don’t address your issues, you can construct your own utilizing Qualys Stream (QFlow), a low-code/no-code simplified item to fabricate cloud-native security work processes.

With Qualys Stream, you can fabricate start to finish work processes – from the opening shot evaluation, surveying risk, isolating the responsibility, setting off change control work process, to fixing the responsibility. The above screen capture shows an illustration of a QFlow that can be utilized for remediating high-risk weaknesses. This QFlow is set off when another virtual machine occurrence is started up.

The QFlow will then, at that point, consequently introduce a specialist in the new virtual machine, begin an output, sit tight for the sweep results, and check whether the gamble score of the virtual machine is more noteworthy than the acknowledged edge. In the event that the gamble score surpasses the edge, it will isolate the virtual machine, make a ServiceNow ticket for fixing the VM, and trust that the ticket will be endorsed. When the ticket is endorsed, the QFlow will set off and apply the fix for the weakness, and when the fix is applied, eliminate the virtual machine from isolation.

TotalCloud empowers you to essentially work on your MTTR and lower risk by utilizing robotized out-of-box and custom remediations.

Begin Secure, Remain Secure

The revelation of weaknesses or misconfigurations in the creation climate makes above for all groups engaged with security – Security, Operations, Consistence, SOC, and so on. Besides, you are helpless against double-dealing until the weakness or misconfiguration is fixed. It would be vastly improved assuming these security issues were recognized and remediated early. TotalCloud gives full shift-left security by running security evaluations on your jobs and IaC antiquities during the turn of events, construct, and pre-organization stages.

It can check Foundation as Code (IaC) layouts – Terraform, CloudFormation, ARM – to identify misconfigurations and arrangement of respected jobs. TotalCloud gives incorporations into designer instruments, as Visual Studio Code, git storehouses, and CI/Compact disc apparatuses so engineers can get prompt input. TotalCloud gives the situation with IaC misconfigurations on the control center so security groups have total perceivability into pre-arrangement pose. With TotalCloud, you can begin secure and remain secure!


Qualys TotalCloud permits security groups to get away from the siloed, disengaged approach of cloud-native security, requiring critical manual data assortment and examination to acquire experiences, just easing back reaction time and expanding risk. All things being equal, Qualys TotalCloud gives a solitary coordinated stage, not characterized by industry classes but rather by this present reality situations security groups face in getting their framework and cloud-native security jobs.

Qualys TotalCloud effectively coordinates into an association’s current weakness program and gives consistent zero-contact, specialist, and agentless evaluations with a bound together stance dashboard to see merged risk, focused on by Qualys TruRisk, from basic weaknesses and misconfigurations. With no-code intuitive work process robotization and incorporated fixing, TotalCloud conveys far reaching remediation to diminish risk. Qualys TotalCloud is centered around tending to an association’s most squeezing cloud-native security challenges.

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