5 best practices for cloud-native app development

Cloud app developers can create and maintain better applications if they follow best practices of cloud-native app development. Cloud-native applications can convey a scope of advantages. They offer granular adaptability, compactness and proficient use of assets. In any case, they can be challenging to oversee and difficult to get. Cloud-native application designers need to limit … Read more

Cloud Native apps benefits

Let’s talk about Cloud native apps and the Heritage world we have are lumpy monolithic apps. Yes, and in the new world we have our micro services living on the cloud. If we take a look at this diagram here, we see we have Cloud infrastructure. This is your private. Your public and your Enterprise … Read more

Data Protection: What is Cloud Security?

Traditionally, when you deploy an application, you have the entire data center, the servers that you run, you’re responsible for all of it in the cloud model and cloud security, there’s a shared responsibility between you and the cloud provider. In a shared responsibility model, you need to rethink Security on what your responsibility is … Read more